Monday, 31 October 2011

Friends, Fun, Beer and stuff.

We spent the last few days at our friends' in Cheshire. This is an annual event and quite a retreat for us (not sure it's the same for them) The kids all get along great, and we put the world to rights and drink coffee by day and beer by night. This time we had some of John's home brew.
We had lots of walks out - visiting Jodrell Bank and Lyme Park. Neither of which I'd been to before and really enjoyed. Lisa shared the quilt that she is making with me - it's amazing. it must take loads of patience.

On Saturday we were treated to a surprise late birthday party. Off to Blaze farm to create our own hand painted pottery, eat hotpot and cake. I loved it - so did everyone else. I'm looking forward to the finished pots being delivered.(photos will follow).

Sunday we headed of to church with our friends. It was great to hear what they are all involved in! followed by Fish finger sarnies before heading back home.

So today, before heading off to work I did about 8 loads of washing, tidied and took my large paintings down to the Newbiggin Maritime Centre. ready for hanging tomorrow.


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