Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I have an Idea...

One of my paintings
Well actually I have several. The trouble is working out which to do first. My brain is torn between creating Mono-types, paintings, sewing clothes for myself, sewing clothes for others, making Christmas items - not to mention doing all the other stuff that life entails!

John & Sock Monkey
Dress for My Mum

After redundancy I was really fortunate to be offered some part time work up until Christmas, which I am loving. At the moment I don't know if there is a chance that this will continue or not into the new year.

I've toyed with the idea of starting a business, and have a couple of ideas for that, but the thought of it scares me. I'd like to try to build something up from the work I do when I'm not at "work". So how do I go about it? How can I use my ideas to develop a successful business? Is there anyone in North East England that would like to employ me with my range of creative skills to do something creative? Have I got what it takes to be a successful designer/ artist on a more full time basis, or will this forever be my "other work"? Do I just carry on as I do now and hope it all works out? Can I make a difference to others in what I do? Any Ideas gratefully received.

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  1. Adore the painting.

    As for the biz thing, know what you mean. Very nervous myself after I've decided to do what your toying with. I need to remain employed until things are a little more settled. I have gone down the route of working with a friend so at least one of us has chance to do fairs and events. Maybe you should look for some one to team up with and work out where you want to go from there.


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