Monday, 10 October 2011

It truly was WICKED

Well it's Monday morning and I'm just thinking about getting ready for work! I really could do with a day to myself as I'm shattered. If you've ever been for a few days in London, you'll know what I mean. John and I arrived at lunchtime on Friday. Popped over the road from Kings Cross to have some lunch at the Chop Chop noodle bar, then headed off to Camden market as we had an hour to spare before checking into our hotel.

John realised he'd forgotten to bring t shirts and so we ended up buying some from the market. (I think it was a ploy).

Our hotel was quite close to Camden, so we walked up and checked in. We stayed at the Britannia Hotel on Primrose Hill. Lovely staff, clean and comfortable and great breakfast, not to mention affordable! We headed off to Borough Market, marveled at the massive range of produce on display and bought cheesecake and Turkish delight. The Tate modern was our next stop where John was impressed by the photography, especially as there was an artist room full of Diane Arbus Photos.

We met up with a friend for tea and had a mooch around and a chat.

Saturday we headed to the V&A and I was annoyed that the fashion stuff was not on display, but the power of making exhibition was excellent. Due to works on some of the tube lines John suggested we use a London Bicycle to get to Kensington High Street to go the the Whole Foods Market. This was a great idea, we grabbed  bikes, rode to the market and deposited the bikes in one of the sections that are all over the city ( in my opinion it is a great idea - and Cheap). After lunch we went to regent street for a visit to Liberty (amazing building) and Hamley's (very busy), before heading back to the hotel to get changed and go to the theatre.

We had  pre theatre in Camden Market - Moroccan food, very nice - followed by a cake and coffee at Costa near the Theatre. I can safely say it was the worst Iced Mocha I've ever had! The off to see the show - It was amazing! not loads of special effects, but really well staged and the cast were excellent. I can highly recommend going to see it. I'd read the first Wicked book (not suitable for children!) but the show was based on more than the first book and the story was very well told (btw the show is suitable for children - I think my daughter would love it!).

And as for Sunday, we bought a few bits from Camden market, had coffee and a browse around the stalls (lots of stuff looked remarkably similar to items I'd seen in the Hong Kong markets in the summer), there was a good selection of old, new, vintage, food, t shirts, furnishings and a few very unique stalls. I think it's this mix that makes this such a nice market.

Home on the train, X factor and bed.

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