Monday, 3 October 2011

what a mess

I seem to have had a couple of weeks with little creativity. We're in the process of having some of the downstairs re plastered - it's a rather messy business and the furniture and computer are difficult to get to.
I'm constantly tidying up, and my creative day this week will be spent trying to tidy up after the work has been done and getting ready for the In Laws arriving on Thursday. They're coming up to look after the kids while John and I have a long awaited weekend in London.

I'm going to need to tidy the kids rooms to allow for change of accommodation. Find the extra spare king size quilt (John spilt coffee on ours the other day and it's at the cleaners.) and pack our overnight cases. no sewing this week then!

Can't say I'm too sore about it, as I'm really looking forward to the weekend. V&A, National Gallery, Tate, Markets and of course the show - WICKED!!!!!!
Now are you jealous or what?


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