Friday, 21 October 2011

Whoo Hoo Half Term

I am so glad it's half term. This week has been rather manic, what with parents evenings and INSET today (all at times I wouldn't normally work). I also helped out with Newbiggin Kids arts forum, which is run by a local painter, Brian, and he is helped by Lillian and Jane. He needs the help too - this is a popular group and the numbers seem to grow every week. There were 20+ Kids - all under 12 in a fairly small room, learning to paint with watercolours. I'd come along to teach them how to do batik. Taking a few at a time. this will be a slow process as we'll need to do the work over several weeks due to the numbers and size of the room. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share in a few weeks.

I'm working in a lovely school at the moment, just part time. I'm really enjoying it. 6 months ago I was depressed and stressed and I could not have faced going into a school, let alone enjoy teaching. But thanks to the grace of God, the support of my hubby and very good friends, and the humbling experience of working with the children in China. God is restoring me and my confidence. I'm not sure I'll teach forever - I'm just taking it as it comes and trusting God for the bigger picture of our family life.


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