Monday, 21 November 2011

Dilemma - Please help

As some of you know, I'm considering renaming the blog and moving to a custom domain name.


today I discovered a business with the same name as I was going to call my blog and a near identical URL.

So, what do I do? Options are:
  1. Go ahead anyway.
  2. Stick with what I have.
  3. Change to a different name and URL (haven't thought of yet).
See my previous post to see why I was going to change in the first place. I'd love you to give me some feedback on this as I'm really stuck as to what to do.


  1. If you're planning to make a business out of it, I'd say think of a new name - one that's specific to you.

    Because my business name is a made-up-word, it has helped enormously both with finding a vacant URL and getting SEO right.


I'd love to hear your views, so come and share.


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