Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Holiday Lecture

No not a lecture about holidays!

I got around to booking our family holiday yesterday. We're off to Spring Harvest le Pas Opton in France. We went a few years ago and the kids loved it and asked to go back. There is a Christian spritual programme, which is low key and you can opt in and out as you wish. Fantasic pool, Kids programme and early booking discount! Whoop I'm looking forward to it already.

Secondly I'm off to a lecture in a bit. Grayson Perry. The Baltic is hosting The Turner Prize this year and this lecture is part of the whole shebang. I love Grayson Perry's work. It makes me smile, but also think. take a look at his work - it's a crafters heaven if you don't mind the slightly strange. He is a ceramicist, but also creates tapestries. Go have a look!

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