Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saturday - a day late.

Yesterday it was my eldest son's birthday. As usual my husbands family made to 170 mile trip to spend it with us (they'll go home later this afternoon).

I started the day with a lie in, followed by eggs on toast made by my wonderful husband. If you haven't tried fried eggs on toast with soy sauce I suggest you do - yum.

After much present opening and card reading we had a fab lunch of homemade tomato, lentil and bacon soup (also made by my hubby) and a trip to the Mistletoe Fair in Morpeth. It wasn't that impressive, but we did get a few Christmas pressies sorted.

In January My Husband and Son are going to China with International China Concern on a short term team. To help raise money for the team fee, buy son had decided to have a sponsored hair cut. He's also decided that I was the one to cut his hair. (add hairdresser to the list of talents) So after returning from Morpeth we began. from long mop to short crop. he like it - which is a relief and wants to keep it this way (phew).


So after a busy weekend entertaining, walking in the cold, cutting hair, cooking and eating - we have the party this afternoon - swimming party. followed by mince pies at a friends. Lovely weekend!

Oooh - don't forget to enter the Danusha giveaway.


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