Friday, 18 November 2011


...are afoot.
I've been writing this blog for about 6 months. It started as a way to express the creative stuff I was doing while I was recovering from stress. It's true to say that I've rediscovered some latent creativeity and a passion for sewing that I'd lost. It's given me ideas for a business, which I'm still considering and allowed me to find like minded people (you guys).

However, I'm more than just a maker of rag bags and gladrags. I'm a creative. and I like to stick my finders into quite a few pies (literally as well as metaphorically). I paint, print, sew, construct, do DIY (sometimes), craft, cook and bake. My Hubby, John, is also keen to contribute to the blog world - he used to write one, many years ago - he's also creative - musician, photographer, cook and ,of late, brewer.

So I've decided to re-name the blog. We'll have a new design and a new URL soon. So if you see some changes over the next few weeks - IT'S STILL ME, and of course I'll keep you updated. I'd love it if you'd still follow me, and I'll let you know when we move. Until then keep reading.

Oh - if anyone has any good advice for moving URL and keeping everything going, please let me know. (we are staying with blogger)

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