Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My New Favourite Artist

I told you I was going to the Grayson Perry Lecture yesterday - well it was, quite simply, brilliant. (apart from the fact we were in an overflow lecture theatre with video link)

It's so refreshing to hear an artist speak, who doesn't baffle you with utter crap. He spoke candidly and with humour. The art world can be so false and so into it's own little cliques and I suppose Perry is part of that, but he rebels against it, has fun and makes social comment at the same time.

To be honest i'm sick of going into galleries where the audience stare at the art work, with their head on one side resting in their hands, and say "Mmmm." Trying to look like they actually understand and like the work. Or critics going on about how it juxtaposes with this or that, in words the everyday guy just can't understand. blah blah blah.
Don't you just love this artist robe?
Yes I like art to be about something, Yes I like to understand it, Yes I hate rubbish art, Yes I love Grayson Perry's work. It makes me want to have fun making my art, to enjoy it for what it is, to link art and craft in what I do, to get my hands dirty.
Thanks Grayson you've restored my faith in art and craft!

Ooooooh Check this link out! - More Grayson brilliantness


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