Friday, 18 November 2011

Clothes Swap Party 2

A few months ago I went to a clothes swap and loved it so much I decided to host one myself. It's a great way to recycle unwanted clothes, have a get together and in this case raise some cash.

My son is off to China in about 6 weeks to work with disabled and abandoned children, through the organisation International China Concern. My husband is going too and we need to raise some money Fo Yi's team fee.

So this evening everyone came along, bearing clothes, a donation towards the trip, and in some cases food and wine. We ate (a delicious chilli and some fantastic cake made by my hubby), chatted, tried on outfits - fortunately there was no fighting over items! went home with new wardrobes and Yi has just short of £80 towards his trip. not bad for an evening of fun!

Here's the items I came away with - I'm very pleased with my collection and hope everyone else is too.

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