Thursday, 10 November 2011

First Steps in Drafting... or how to make a bridesmaid dress

I've taken my first steps in proper drafting. I'm making bridesmaid dresses for a friends wedding next year, and wanted to make the dresses from scratch. I'm confident I can do it, but I know I'm making extra work for myself by doing all the drafting from start to end.
My journey began with taking measurements - I realised I hadn't taken enough, but had a standard chart to help with the missing ones. Have learnt a lesson there!

Then I drafted the basic fitted bodice - using Aldrich's Metric pattern cutting (It looked complicated to begin with, but with more careful inspection it was easy to follow - especially if I did all the working out before starting to draft).

It was simple to draft the strapless bodice from the fitted block. So far so good. Now to the fabric!
1. To check fit.
2. To adjust style.
3. To decide if bias cut is going to be better than on the grain.

Mental note - remember to add seam allowances!

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  1. How brave you are. Looking forward to a series of posts charting your progress. Good luck


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